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We want to help you fulfil your dream of a luxury holiday home or retirement properties in Cebu.

Cebu is the latest hot new development area in the overseas property market and especially in the Philippines. Prices are unbelievably low compared to other tropical destinations and the market looks set to boom offering a great return on investment. The beauty of Cebu is that it offers big city life to those who want but also a great relaxing beach lifestyle too as well as having a fabulous tropical climate offering year round sunshine and warmth.

The key to investing in international property is to get in at ground level in areas set to grow, thereby allowing maximum capital growth and investment return. With the planned infrastructure development such as the new airport and the Cebu-Bohol bridge the future is set. 

Priced at upper-mid market the 38 Park Avenue condos will be a popular choice for those wanting a great lifestyle or a great rental income.


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What is buying Off Plan?

Off Plan purchases have provided spectacular returns for thousands of investors in Spanish property over recent years. Clients are most suited to an Off Plan property investment when their main priority is return on invested capital, or when they are interested in buying a property for their own use and have no short term occupancy requirements.

Buying Off Plan means reserving a property on a new development before the property is completed, often before construction has started. The developer is obviously very keen to sell as many properties as early as possible to reduce their exposure and to obtain favourable development loans from banks and investors.

Competitive Prices

To expedite sales of properties at this early stage prices are normally extremely competitive as the developer has little to show potential purchasers except architects’ plan and artists’ impressions of the development. In some cases show apartments may also be available which generally give a good indication of the standard to be expected in the finished product.

When considering an Off Plan purchase it is a good rule of thumb to deal with a major developer with a solid track record in the region where the development is located. It is always reassuring to know that the development company has demonstrated the ability to meet building schedules in the past.

What are the reasons for buying off-plan?

The essential reasons that make buying Off Plan such a good investment are the timing of payments, and the fact that developers are prepared to price below market value before the completion of construction.

In this way an investor is benefiting from appreciation on the full value of his property during the period of greatest growth, while outlaying only a fraction of the price.


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